Winter 2021 Body Tonics Classes
Taiji Toning & Lung Qigong

Both classes are open level, run 45-50 minutes, and are conducted online. Classes meet on Thursdays and Sundays for six weeks, and begin Lunar New Year, February 11 and run to the day after Spring Equinox, March 21. Our goal is to keep fresh your physical fitness, balance and movement flow. In each class Inoshi will guide, instruct and observe participants and offer corrections. 

      • Taiji Toning & Formwork
        Thursdays 6:15p EST
        Feb 11, 18, 25 Mar 4, 11, 18

Practice a 10 minute Taiji Toning routine and then play with a movement of the Yang form. Each week we'll walk through a movement, do some reps and finishing work. Time permitting we'll also do a cool down routine.

      • Lung Organ Qigong Set
        Sundays 4:00p EST
        Feb 14, 21, 28 Mar 7, 14, 21

Do short Preliminary Warmups and the Lung Organ Qigong set. The Lung Qi set has eight movements that we'll breakdown and polish. During the Winter months our lungs can become challenged, so it's important to bring them attention and health. Plus it's just plain invigorating to do this set! The Preliminary Warmups are short and fun, and are meant to charge your energy in positive manner.  

Six weeks fee: $108 discounted both classes, or $60 either class. Click the button option below to make your payment via Venmo. We'll follow up to confirm your registration and remind you of the connection info. (You may also pay through: PayPal, or bit-currency.)

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