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About Us

EastWest Works offers original group programs and individual sessions in distinct practice areas. We work-play with people to develop personal awareness, insight and perception, emphasizing discovery and reliance upon abilities natural to all. Our works grow through structured trainings and explorations in gatherings, labs, classes, workshops, etc.

In service to community, we operate as a low-profit organization. 

At times we charitably collaborate through arrangements with other entitites, and have no endowment or sponsor. Additonally we provide complementary, custom and outsourced services for other enterprises.

Our evolution stems from undulation. This meme signifies and represents the importance of undestanding frequency, oscillation, waves and an idea of east-west/ lateral/ sideways movement, ripple effect, cyclicity, yin yang. 

Going more deeply into this affords, or brings up a property/ quality of remembrance.

Our works also suggest that of going in, movement from inside and inward, and returning, respiration. Formerly our org employed the Japanese suffix "-in", referring to a subtemple of a larger complex. So EastWest Works, represents a subtemple of life, not from some formal faith or organization, but as a memory within each of us, beginning with your very own, innermost center.


What and/ or who is Inyo? Well, if you've been to an Inspired Voices or Inyo Dialog gathering, you'd know that Inyo is a trance voice that speaks through Inoshi.

Pronounced: een-yoh, this spiritual voice also falls into the channeling, immortal, cosmic and promordial realms.

Besides engaging participants at our monthly circles, people may schedule private sessions with Inyo.


EastWest Works was founded by Inoshi, an Embodied & Perceptual Guide, and Energy Medicine Therapist. His credentials include multiple modalities, which he has combined into distinctive practice areas, providing practical instruction, detailed information and safe, sensitive energy therapy to numerous clients.

Through our center he teaches, organizes, designs and hosts events, and gives individual sessions. Inoshi has also volunteered with a handful of organizations.

Inoshi welcomes one on one and/or student-teacher relationships. You may initiate a first meeting via simple message by contacting us through the means below.

Inoshi appreciates and rests in a sense and sensibility of a free soul. He teaches from a place of refined creativity and encourages people to be open and adaptable, and to release their "isms". He recognizes many teachers: from individuals, to life itself and what comprises it.

Atmospheres, cultures, energies, contexts, situations, entities, and other nodes of existence; everything conceivable, and not, allows itself as a sharing point to our experience and understanding. Many of his animate teachers have likewise been free souls who crossed paths and imparted their aesthetic, artistry, skill, resonance and vibration. Bohemian ~ Zen in nature, Inoshi suggests that any investigation into discipline must inevitably lead to creativity and interdependent freedom (instead of imposed restriction and codependency).

On the Sublime

Words fail, and words pale. Or rather, when words can't seem to capture the moment, the awesomeness, the exquisiteness, then maybe, just maybe the sublime has become apparent. The sublime is that which remains unvoicable, inmanifest, unexplainable and inexplicable. Some prefer to think of it as the vast subconcious, in which case though we're unlimited in our potential, the sublime makes up most everything.

Science's recent focus on the domain of dark matter evidences this. Even when dark matter becomes satisfactorily explained, there will be more, sublime.

We can not rid ourselves of the sublime, however it seems that we often do not acknoweledge it, its neccesity and the helpfulness of admitting as a species, though you've come a long way baby, humanity still has much to learn, and bring into language.

Why get in touch with the sublime, and how? Why, so you have one word to speak about it, if you wish, when you experience it. Yes, you can experience not mentally knowing, and sensing the grandeur of existence, the ineffable. You don't have to be a poet or inebriated on drugs to do so either.

At EastWest Works we invite you to find and appreciate the sublime, through meditation, inquiry, self study and practice. It's not hard to do, it just often gets ignored. After all, why let the sublime touch you when you can be distracted by a device, or a thought? How do you talk or share about something that expresses itself outside of words?  

Take a moment, even now, it doesn't have to be monumental, but intimate, close, present.

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