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Unu-in Center offers original group programs and individual sessions in distinct practice areas. We work-play with people to develop personal awareness, perception and memory, emphasizing discovery and reliance upon natural ability. Our center's community grows through structured, embodied and spiritual explorations in gatherings, labs and workshops. We additonally provide complementary and custom hybrid services for other enterprises. 

Unu means undulation (an acronym for Undualting Nature of Universe). This meme signifies and represents the importance of undestanding frequency, oscillation, waves and an idea of east-west / lateral / sideways movement, ripple effect, cyclicity, yin yang.  Unu also sounds like "you knew", bringing up a property / quality of remembrance.

The word in suggests that of going in, movement from inside and inward, and returning.  In Japanese this suffix as used in our name indicates a subtemple of a larger complex. So Unu-in Center, represents a subtemple of life, not from some formal faith or organization, but within each of us, which begins with your very own, innermost center. 

Unu-in Center at times may operate as a non-profit through arrangements with other organizations. At present having no endowment to support its activities.