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EastWest Works offers original group programs and individual sessions in distinct practice areas. We work-play with people to develop personal awareness, insight and perception, emphasizing discovery and reliance upon abilities natural to all. Our works grow through structured trainings and explorations in gatherings, labs, classes, workshops, etc.

In service to community, we operate as a low-profit organization. At times we charitably collaborate through arrangements with other entitites, and have no endowment or sponsor. Additonally we provide complementary, custom and outsourced services for other enterprises.

Our evolution stems from undulation. This meme signifies and represents the importance of undestanding frequency, oscillation, waves and an idea of east-west/ lateral/ sideways movement, ripple effect, cyclicity, yin yang. Going more deeply into this affords, or brings up a property/ quality of remembrance.

Our works also suggest that of going in, movement from inside and inward, and returning, respiration. Formerly our org employed the Japanese suffix "-in", referring to a subtemple of a larger complex. So EastWest Works, represents a subtemple of life, not from some formal faith or organization, but as a memory within each of us, beginning with your very own, innermost center.



• Intuitive Development

• Exceptional Human Experiences

• Dream Share & Study

• Remote Perception

• Trance States

• Anomolous Cognition

        Energy Medicine

• Reiki Natural Healing

• Blue Flame Eneregy Meditation System



• Zazen (sittign meditation)

• Kinhin (walking meditation)


• Taijquan (Tai Chi Chuan)

    ~ Form

    ~ Push Hands

• Qigong

    ~ Fusion

    ~ 8 Silk Brocades

    ~ Dantian Drum