Energy Flux Particpation


This note invites you and reminds previous participants to join in or continue on our weekly distant healing, or therapeutic Energy Flux on Tuesday nights at 7:20p. Won't you take a moment to reflect upon joining or continuing with weekly Energy Flux?  Some of you may be receiving this on behalf of a friend or situation that you have added to the flux (see instructions below). 

The flux list is private, compiled on a seasonal basis and usually followed by weekly email reminders (Meetup RSVPs are public however). Your response means you're aware of facilitating a growth, healing and/ or therapeutic matter. You may even participate for enjoyment, relaxation and general effects. We also send out seasonal reminders requesting that you email or message us back of your intention to continue in this weekly healing activity (or not). If you do not reply, further invitations and reminders will eventually cease (something good may have happened when we forget)! Either way, feedback is welcome. Many fascinating and wonderful accounts of this activity have been received.

Besides Tuesday nights, Inoshi may personally tune into this list as guided during various other times, some of which may be announced. The therapeutic energy amounts to natural, universal life force, and it's multi-modal (presenting and synthesizing Reiki, TT, Blue Flame, etc. energy medicines).


For yourself: reply with FIRST NAME and LAST NAME INITIAL, as such: "Heidi M", or list a particular situation. Anything can be listed as itself or as "situation of ________".

You receive Energy Flux in your own space, you need not go anywhere or do anything. However, you will probably find it more beneficial to get comfortable by 7:20p and be receptive to an intention such as "Tuesday Night's Energy Flux". 
We generally participate from 25-35 minutesYou can also do this at another time, in a moment, or for a longer period.

To include somebody else directly, you must get their permission (you may use the forward link at bottom of the email you receive as well). Without another's permission, you may indirectly place a situation on your own list, such as "Heidi M's situation", and at a spiritual transit they can choose to receive or not. We do not keep your list of partipcants and situations, however you may tell us if you are keeping a list and we will note that as well. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

Blessings for You & Our Earth

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