Alonga Incense

Of our minimal products, we specially offer Alonga Incense, handmade from over 30 handpicked ingredients: aromatic herbs, barks and roots from The Kingdom of Bhutan in the Eastern Himalayas. An extraordinary, high quality compressed particulate stick (no wood core). Each roll has 30 sticks, wrapped in lavender color thread, and natural paper. Each stick measures 8 5/8 inches (21.9 cm) and burns evenly and slowly on average for 75 minutes.

We also have in stock a limited number of handcrafted lotus dish incense burners, either in simple dark wood, or colorfully painted.

Use this incense to enhance your meditation, lift your mood, smudge, deepen dreams, etc. The act of lighting and burning incense calms the impetuous mind, relieves the fatigued body and stirs the soul. Cultivate your beatitude, peace, and plentitude.

Alonga incense available to order at $15 per roll. Incense burners / holders $9. You may place an order using links below. 

For a little more on the Himalayan community you benefit by purchasing these items, origin of the name of this incense, and quotes about incense, read further below.

Alonga incense is handmade in Bhutan using centuries old methods and formulation, by Buddhist artisan nuns. The Himalayan lotus dish incense burners are handcrafted by Tamang Nepalese and Bhutanese refugee women in Katmandu. Inoshi identified this incense after following an impulse to provide an incense for EastWest Work's activities and the NY Reiki Conference in 2012. However, it wasn't until 2013 that arrangements were able to be completed.

The name "alonga" was received by Inoshi (via Inyo, Inoshi's spiritual voice) while meditating with this incense. Its meaning given as "lengthening". Further research indicates that "alonga" represents place names in Australia and Congo. The former being an indigenous word for an area where native peoples met, known as a gathering place.

By lighting incense one can consecrate the moment with any intention, and remember the spiritual aspects of existence. A few quotes:

Orchid---breathing incense into butterfly’s wings. ~ Matsuo Basho, Japanese Poet

Better do a kindness near than go far away to burn incense. ~ Chinese Proverb (popularized by Amelia Earhart)

I have lit the first incense and have also lit the last so-called departing incense. ~Yasunari Kawabata, Japanese Writer

Fine incense, better than a book! ~Inoshi

Instructions: light the tip of the stick until it glows and extinguish the flame with a few swooshes of the hand, or by blowing it out. Alternately with Alonga Incense if the flame is left to burn it will subside and the ember will remain. Fix the stick in an incense holder, or a potted plant. Never allow a lit incense stick to touch finished surfaces that smoke may tarnish, nor place a lit stick near flammable objects. Ashes generally fall to the surface below the stick, and can be easily wiped away with a damp sponge or cloth.

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