Sacred Service

Involvement with religious institutions and a variety of organizations over decades led Inoshi to found the religionless order of Kanman (ebb and flow, tides). Blessings, ceremonies and counsel are provided through this system under Inoshi's guidance. Any event or situation that you may require service and wish to creatively engage can be addressed. No occasion is too small, or grand.

We entertain our beliefs, yet are not consumed by them, and keep it simple to restore the intrinsic flames of unitive faith.


Kanman (J. 干満) refers to evident and natural movements such as that of tidal rhythms, and an interfused way of life which each us can become more realized in. Our approach while not denying the numinous, is patently functional, and draws from the Zen and Dao traditions, which became popularized in the West during the 60s.

To emancipate oneself, assist others, and the earth, we speak of Bodhism, which represents a zenified return to source Buddha path, combined with the tenets of Daoism, which at its basis signifies yin and yang, kanman, or inevitable ebb and flow.  

The tide waits for no one. ~ Dena'ina Saying

Through an independent social bureau conferral, Inoshi holds ordination in the Bodhi Dao system, which dispenses with high pageantry, ritual excess and religiosity.

Shinto animism and Western emergence are also a part of our pluralistic wheelhouse.

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