Our Community

was formed and founded by Inoshi, an Embodied & Perceptual Guide. His credentials include multiple modalities, which he has combined into distinctive practice areas, providing detailed information and safe, sensitive energy medicine therapy to numerous clients.

Through our center he teaches, organizes, designs and hosts events, and gives individual sessions. Inoshi has also volunteered with a handful of charitable organizations.

Inoshi welcomes one on one and/or student-teacher relationships. You may initiate a first meeting via simple message using the contact details below. 


Inoshi appreciates and rests in a sense and sensibility of a free soul. He teaches from a place of refined creativity and encourages people to be adaptable and unclosed, and to release their "isms". He recognizes many teachers: from individuals, to life itself and what comprises it. Like many peers, he has learned through subculture affairs, family constellations and relationships, and of course spiritual practice.

To operate fluidly and manifest as an open source means that one can not be bound by any singular category. Inoshi's practice ranges from the numinous to the solid, and rather than being groundless reside in areas  illustrated within this site, and through personal interaction.

Atmospheres, cultures, energies, contexts, situations, entities, and other nodes of existence; everything conceivable, and not, allows itself as a sharing point to our experience and understanding. Many of Inoshi's animate teachers have likewise been free souls who crossed paths and imparted their aesthetic, artistry, skill, resonance and vibration. Bohemian ~ Zen in nature, Inoshi suggests that any investigation into discipline must inevitably lead to creativity and interdependent freedom (instead of imposed restriction and codependency).

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