Medi EastWest

MEDI is an experiential program that includes five regular events: twice weekly Noten Meditation, weekly Energy Flux, monthly Dream Share and monthly Inyo Dialog. This select series of events meets on a weekly and monthly basis, and invites you to more fully awaken. In the past we've offered a discount to MEDI participants who wish to join seasonal three hour Nirvana Meditation, Body Tonics or private sessions.

The term MEDI stands for:
Meditate - Energy - Dream - Insight. By participating regularly over six months, you will absolutely gain clarity and understanding in life and your endeavors. Advance to the next rung on your spiritual path.

If you have read this far,
you are ready. The MEDI program rate is $35 per month. To get started in this affordable small group course, with preferred access and limited enrollment, contact us to make arrangements, or use the payment link below.

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$35 p/ month or $210 for 6 months

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