Online Experiences

Online experiences are conducted using Jitsi Meet. No login is required and encryption secures privacy. All you need to connect is a link. If you use a smart phone or tablet, you’ll need to get the app: Jitsi Meet. For desktop and laptop computers the Jitsi link we provide works in a browser window (avoid Safari though).

For open access experiences you may connect with this url:

For exclusive experiences RSVP and a link will be provided. Please RSVP well in advance so that we can deliver the link to you. Experiences open up 10 minutes prior to start. Work the kinks out beforehand, test the url, get setup! 

     Online Etiquette Guidelines

To avoid interruption and keep quality, our experiences may be closed several minutes after starting. Please connect before the start time. Keep your audio muted; just use on screen controls in Jitsi Meet app (you'll still be able to hear us). If it's an event that has verbal participation, we'll let you know. Video muting may improve audio fidelity if your internet connection is thin. If you mute video you won't be seen; however you'll still be able to see our video on your screen.

If you plan to leave an event early, please inform the facilitator at the top of class using the "chat" function in Jitsi Meet.


You do not have to directly face, or frame only your face, in the camera. You may place the camera to your side view, and/ or show your body within your space. Feel free to burn your own candle and incense. Shortly after we start, the meditation will be closed, to preserve the quality of our meditation by eliminating potential disturbances of latecomers.  

Experiencing connectivity or technological issues? Either use the "chat" function to communicate with the facilitator, or message 646-801-9218. It may not be until the class or session are over that we can troubleshoot the matter with you.

Jitsi Meet is a free, open-source community developed, video conferencing and live streaming app.
 Here's a one minute YouTube: Jitsi.

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