Reiki EastWest

EastWest works offers courses and events in Reiki Energy Medicine. Generically Reiki and Energy Medicine mean healing with subtle energy, life force (chi, qi, ki, prana, or mana). Reiki healing is also a specific practice of Energy Medicine. We offer training, participation and private sessions in these areas:

Usui Reiki Ryoho Natural Healing System
Blue Flame Energy Meditation System (Nila Aggi)
Energy Play & Insight (Pana Play & Dassana)
Energy Flux
Inyo Vega

Reiki Natural Healing System

Come learn the Reiki natural healing system, a friendly Energy Medicine practice for self and others that originates from Japan. A basic premise of Reiki is that anyone can facilitate beneficial and universal life force energy flow, by receiving instruction and initiation, which include gentle hands-on and hands-off treatment.

Presented in three degrees/levels, each seminar lasts four to six hours and includes three follow up clinics to develop your skill and certify you in Usui Reiki Ryoho and Shinka Reiki; integrated traditional Japanese and refined Western Reiki.

The seminars include:

• Basic Reiki level 1-3 handbooks
• Reiki overview, history and modern Reiki
• Multiple Reiki attunements (per level activations/ initiations)
• Basic and effective hand positions (charts provided)
• Reiki practice and treatment (self, other & group Reiki)
• Reiki breathing-meditation exercise (hatsurei-ho)
• Practical Reiki application for everyday life

These seminars invite you into, and provide a safe, tranquil space for learning Reiki and receiving attunements. Between attunements at each seminar you will be instructed in appropriate Reiki level techniques, guided in hand positioning, and self and group Reiki practice.

The benefits of Reiki healing are physical, psychological and spiritual, and as it's a complementary medicine, it may be brought into other healing practices, creative work, and business without adverse effects. Once your first seminar has begun, you can immediately start applying Reiki healing to yourself, others, animals, plants adn your environment.

Your teacher Inoshi has several years of continuous and active Reiki practice in different environments, and is the co-founder of the NY Reiki Conference ( Reiki practitioner certificates will only be granted after:

1.Attendance at three follow up clinics (practice, review and sharing)
2.Summary of hatsurei-ho (21 days)
3.Summary of self and incidental practice
4. Summary of treatments given (levels 2-4)
5. Summary of elected readings

If not local, or unable to complete clinics, then consult with Inoshi for arranging and achieving clinical practice sessions equivalence. If having some Reiki training already, and wanting to resume, please contact Inoshi for an assessment. Our Reiki coursework and training  is offered in three practitioner degree level seminars, and a fourth for passing it on, teaching (often called "master" level, or "master teacher").

Each seminar is a prerequisite for the next, deepening elements and delivering new information and attunements. Come to one of our clinics or samplers, or enroll. Your participation is welcomed. Group seminar rates below, add $50 for individual training.

$255 ~ Reiki 1 • Shoden
$315 ~ Reiki 2 • Okuden
$405 ~ Reiki 3 • Shinpiden
$555 ~ Reiki 4 • Gokuiden

Blue Flame Energy-Meditation System

Blue Flame is a remarkable system that can enrich all people; informally or when used vocationally as energy medicine. The system derives from creative, inspired and numinous sources, being impartial towards tradition. The words "nila aggi" come from the Pali language and mean "blue flame". Nila Aggi is pronounced: nih-lah ah-gih.

Blue Flame spans a series of four workshops consisting of two segments: (1) reception of intelligent energy and (2) delivery of a meditative practice; hence an energy-meditation system. Each workshop contains mini-practice in both areas.

Intelligent energy refers to an Asiatic concept of "shakti": safe, cosmic and spiritual vibrations parlayed out during each workshop through a sequence of sympathetic attunements unique to this system. These attunements (empowerments) have been organized so that you may receive lasting benefits from the first workshop only. The first 2 workshops in themselves cumulate enough to provide long-term life enhancements.

Rather than describe numerous attunements (e.g. 23 in first workshop alone), let us look at a few of Blue Flame's special characteristics:

• Although Blue Flame is a color based system, it does not require visualization of color (though that may happen). Apart from being given intelligent energy and a meditation practice to use and play with, any imagery, mantras and tools introduced are optional as Blue Flame follows its own intelligence coupled with the frequency and vibration of certain color spectrums, facilitated by your intent.

• Bue Flame requires no religious affiliation. It does not seek to interfere with existing beliefs by insisting on how one should structure and view reality. You remain at liberty to adapt your views based on your own experience.

A more specific example:

• Second series Enhancing Blue Flame offers attunements to simultaneously run and/or admix ANY two or more energies. If you have been initiated and/or trained into other energy systems, you may be able to effortlessly take advantage of these attunements. They serve to boost your existing abilities, and delimit them if you have ever felt restricted in, or uncomfortable with running multiple energies.

The system is fairly user-friendly and suitable for beginners to advanced Energy Medicine therapists who wish to supplement their practice with cogent, subtle energies that from then on can be freely and simply accessed.

Those having experienced Bliue Flame report feeling calm, clear, gratified and refreshed at a variety of physical, psychological and spiritual levels. Why not enjoy for yourself? Come to one of our clinics or samplers, or enroll in series 1. Your participation is welcomed.

Each workshop is a prerequisite for the next, deepening elements and delivering an array of new attunements and information.

$175 --- Blue Flame Workshop (1)
$225 --- Enhancing Blue Flame Workshop (2)
$275 --- Lila Aggi Workshop (3)
$325 --- Siddha Aggi Workshop (4)

Energy Play & Insight

A four part workshop about subtle energy (pana) awareness, enjoying meditation and gaining insight (dassana). Note: sometimes this is offered in two, instead of four segments.

Through easy guided postures (sitting and standing) followed by short meditations and talk, this class provides a comfortable space where discovery and healthy understanding occurs.

Each workshop consists of three parts with individual and group instruction:

1. Energy Play - fun with sensing energy: bio-energy, ki (as in reiki), chi, pana or prana.

2.Meditation - focusing on breath and tranquility.

3. Dassana - theory, and questions and answers with the teacher, and spiritual trance voice, Inyo.

Sessions provide individual attunement enabling you to sustain benefits and assist you in your own practice. The final workshop concludes with a Pana Sensing attunement which assists you in better sensing energy. You can further activate it for yourself or for others as you desire.

Each class also stands alone, take all or singly. ALL ARE WELCOME! $125 for four classes, or $35 per.

Energy Flux

Tuesday nights at 7:20p E DT/ST. Receive weekly distant energy therapy facilitating enjoyment, growth and of course, healing. Participate simply for pleasure, relaxation and even experimentation!

For more information, and necessary RSVP, please see further details here: How to Participate in Energy Flux. Donations accepted, no one turned away for lack of funds.

Inyo Vega

Inyo vega (currents) flow every new moon in your local time zone, via invitation.

Those who are personally acquainted with Inyo may voluntarily and in affinity receive these vega. Inyo vega generate receptivity to increase. They assist you in aligning your physical and spiritual natures and in quieting hindrances. As such you may experience more vibrancy in your life.

To receive info on how to participate, or for general inquiries, email Inyo Vega. Please say when and where, if you recall being around Inoshi's spiritual voice Inyo (e.g., Inspired Voices, a private session, etc.). Donations accepted, no one turned away for lack of funds.

Questions? Contact us.