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We host in-person group classes, and offer some events online on a periodic basis (such as our seasonal Body Tonics and Qigong series).  

Our embodied movement regimens include training in Taiji Form, Push Hands and Qigong. The art of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), which originated in China, is a low impact set of slow movements when knit together create a form (or dance). At its basic stages Taiji promotes physical health and emotional calm.

The main goal of our Taiji form course is to learn the principles of Taiji movement and do the form. Taiji's more advanced stages include partnerwork (push hands, or tui shou) and self defense. In both Taiji and Qigong classes a strong emphasis is put on optimal dynamic bodily alignment and dantien-based, or hara-based movement.

Qigong classes deal more directly with human bio, natural and cosmic energy systems, through a series of what might be termed East Asian calisthenics. In Qigong we directly intend to circulate and store qi (chi, or ki). Generally Qigong forms are less complex than those in Taiji. They are sister arts with some overlapping areas of body integrity, rooting and other key concepts.

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Taiji Form

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Taiji Push Hands

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Inoshi Taiji & Qigong

Our founder and principal instructor Inoshi, masterfully leads groups and individuals from New York City, where he has been based for over 25 years. Under the auspices of our organization, the art of Taijiquan is taught:

Inoshi's list of teachers, having began with Judo under Sensei Kenji Yamada in Seattle in the early 1970s:

Kenji Yamada (Seattle)
Chailert Rajenapapaya (Seattle)
Diane Hunter (Seattle)
Stanley Israel (NYC)
Steve Levi (NYC)
Mario Napoli (NYC)
Phillip Carter (NYC)
Sharon Smith (NYC)
Eric Singer & Alan (NYC)
Nando Raynolds (Ashland, OR)
Bodhi (Ashland, OR)
Mantak Chia (NYC)
Paul Bloom (NYC, Woodstock)
Weiming Yuan (NYC, Taipei)
Cheng Hsiang Yu (NYC)
Maggie Newman (NYC)

Colleagues who've offered significant instruction to Inoshi in classes and workshops, all in NYC:

George Antonion
Bob Berger
Robert Chuckrow
Robert Harris
Robert Martinez
Bruce McKenna
Steve Reiss
Bernard Rozenberg
Marc Sabin
Stephen Watson

For more narrative on Inoshi's background, to interview for broadcast or publishing, and of course to make arrangements on instruction, please contact us. 

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