Yinyi EastWest

Yinyi (yin-ee) means yin intentionality. Yin itself refers to softness, feminine, sustenance, wholeness, etc. As a part of our conceptual dialectic it puts an emphasis, or re-emphasis, on the power of our feminine nature in lieu of eras of industry and design science which have been dominated by masculine systems of thought. This latter unending hyperaction has become unsustainable, and emasculating to our basic human condition.

As a return to balance yin intentionality asks us to consider whether a gentler and slower nurturing cognizance could be had, from macronomics in our world such as geo-hemispherics, governance and society to education, housing, nutrition, health care, time sensibility and management, responsibility and other local matters. These considerations once realized would then be introduced, tested, and first on a small scale, designed into life. We recall the appraisal to think globally and act locally.

This movement of Yinyi also asks that the female and male aspects of our species continue being reborn, and that they take their right proportions to one another in their ampleness, distinctiveness and coequality in everyway. Yinyi leads to the diminishment of unwanted isolation, creates belonging and reinformed manifesting.

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