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Zenmi means meditation body. How does one develop this, why do so, and what exactly is a zen body? The zen body is your meditative body created through the practice of zazen, or sitting meditation. 

We offer Noten Meditation thrice weekly; on a morning, after work and weekend slots, plus a longer Nirvana Meditation seasonally. Nirvana Meditation also includes instruction in kinhin, or walking meditation. We also include longer periods of zazen and kinhin in our retreats.

Our practice emanates from Japan, first having roots in India, and then, having traversed Eurasia to China, Korea and Vietnam. Your no-rank zen counselor and guide Inoshi, leads the sessions and culls from any fount of wisdom when called on to speak. EastWest Works promotes a kind of biopsied and flinty zen. Our areligious return to source practice subtracts chants, altar worship and prostrations. We put no anthropomorphisms up and quietly allow for ambiance, emptiness, impermanence and nature. Learn to sit, learn to practice, learn to calm, and improve. Read more below, and contact us to get started.

Noten Zen / Meditation

Meeting online a few times weekly: new, regular, and seasoned meditators are welcome to drop by for an early evening zen-styled meditation on Mondays 6:30 - 7:00pm, Thursdays 7:30am, and Saturdays 5:30 - 6:00pm. As an expression of openness, Noten provides a non-dogmatic approach to meditation. Relax, breathe, enjoy silence, and depart.

Please plan for your comfort. Ensure you are hydrated beforehand and prepare to be in a quiet space and a period of silence after the introductions are completed. When meeting in person, we practice in a shoes-off space. Several chairs and cushions are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.  

If new to meditating, please inform us, and you'll be given an opportunity for a separate intro and some basic instruction on how to proceed. Regular participants will be trained more thoroughly. Member program optional. A minimal $3 fee requested, donations accepted, and no one turned away for lack of funds. RSVPs appreciated, and necessary for morning sitting.

Nirvana Meditation

RSVP necessary for link. Meeting online seasonally. New, regular and seasoned meditators are welcome to join this afternoon of sitting in quiescence, with gentle instruction. Participants will be provided with detailed guidance in chair or seated cushion meditation (your choice): body alignment and method to accomplish successful sitting (zazen). We will intersperse our sitting with stretch and walking meditation (kinhin).

Nirvana Meditation presents a non-dogmatic approach to meditation, as an expression of openness and the universal nature of meditation. Come relax, breathe and enjoy silence. This extension of our weekly meditation conlcudes with some tea and conversation.

This three hour session starts with a welcome and introduction, and continues with 5 meditation periods (one with a talk) and 4 stretch and walk periods, according to the following approximate schedule:

10 mins Greetings, Intro & Settling In
27 mins Meditate (w/ corrections)
---- 5 mins stretch & walk (kinhin)
27 mins Meditate
----5 mins stretch & walk
27 mins Meditate
---- 5 mins stretch & walk
27 mins Talk & Informal Sitting (aka teisho, dharma talk)
---- 5 mins stretch & walk
27 mins Meditate
15 mins - Informal Conversation & Departures

The setting is austere. When meeting IRL several chairs and cushions provided on a first come first serve basis. Please plan for your own comfort, warmth and extra bolstering. Make sure you are hydrated beforehand and prepare to be in a quiet space for long periods of silence after the introductions are completed. We practice in a shoes-off space.

If new to meditating, please inform us and you'll be given basic instruction on how to proceed. $25 suggested contribution (members $20). However, no one turned away for lack of funds, all donations accepted. 

Kinhin (Walking Meditation)

Kinhin (keen-heen), or walking meditation is an essential part of long period meditation. It provides a way to remain internally still, yet engage the body in movement, in conjunction with sitting, while keeping mentally and emotially calm. Ideally there is no break from meditative absorption, as one transfers and carries sitting awareness to walking.

We provide Kinhin training at our Nirvana Meditation orientations, on retreats, and through private instruction.

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