Winter 2022 Body Tonics Class
Winter Organ Qigong

The cold is here, sporadic or not, and it's time to return to some health maintenance and movement. We'll meet for five consecutive weeks after which you can incorporate these body tonics into your personal routine. This class is open level, runs 50 minutes, and conducted online. Your instructor Inoshi will guide, observe participants and offer corrections.

      • Winter Qigong Set
        Thursdays 6:15p EST
        January 20, 27, Feb 3, 10, 17

This season we'll work on two shorter sets. The first, a brain organ qigong that concentrates on the face, head and neck. Not only stimulating the brain, it clears the sinuses thereby assisting the lungs which need to be keep in good condition during the winter months
. Secondly we'll do a short routine to open the five gates. Additionally we'll do warmups, and time permitting across the weeks some kidney building.

Five weeks fee: $60. Click the button option below to make your payment via Venmo. We'll follow up to confirm your registration and remind you of the connection info. (You may also use PayPal, CashApp, Zelle or bit-currency. Use links above or message us at the no. below if you wish to use Zelle.)

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New York, NY 10018