Spring 2021 Body Tonics Classes
Organ Qigong & Taiji Toning

Spring is a time of new growth; reopening. We will cultivate soft enthusiasm for life, and mint endurance in our two spring Body Tonics classes. Meet Sundays and Thursdays for six weeks, beginning the week of Earth Day, April 18, and finishing the week before Memorial Day weekend. Each class is open level, runs 50 minutes, and conducted online. Keep fresh your whole body fitness, balance and movement flows. In each class Inoshi will guide, instruct and observe participants and offer corrections. 

      • Spring Organ Qigong Set
        Sundays 4:00p EST
        April 18, 25, May 2, 9, 16, 23

This gentler set begins with a short eloquent mantra phrase followed by a 3 minute meditation
. Except for the last of its 9 parts, it's done seated on a chair. Some of the chair exercises will come in handy for people in their work spaces. In traditional Chinese thought the spring months are ideal to vitalize the liver system, which this set is meant to do. Time permitting and for variety we may visit some other short movements in our weekly classes

     • Taiji Toning & Formwork
        Thursdays 6:15p EST
        April 22, 29, May 6, 13, 20, 27

Practice a 10 minute Taiji Toning routine and then play with a movement of the Yang form. Each week we'll walk through a movement, do some reps, then finishing work. We'll also do a short cool down routine. Note to previous participants: we'll do a new toning routine and new Taiji movements!

Six weeks fee: $108 discounted both classes, or $60 either class. Click the button option below to make your payment via Venmo. We'll follow up to confirm your registration and remind you of the connection info. (You may also use PayPal, or bit-currency.)

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